Using A Built-Up Roofing System To Improve The Longevity Of Commercial Roofing And Efficiency

Today, there are a lot of options for commercial roofing systems that can be installed on your business. One of these systems is a built-up roofing system, which will improve the longevity of the roof and the efficiency of your business. The following built-up roofing information will help you with the design of a new roof for your business: Installing Base Decking of Built-up Roofing The installation of a built-up roof system needs to start with the installation of the decking.

Roofing Ideas For Solar Energy Harvesting

If you were trying to create a more sustainable business while also being eco-friendly and lowering your energy costs, then you may be looking at solar energy. Solar energy can be harvested in several ways through solar panels. If you have decided to place the solar panels on the roof of your building, then you have several options you can consider. Here are some roofing ideas for solar energy harvesting.