Benefits Of Choosing Reflective Coatings For Your Commercial Roofing Needs

Most commercial buildings have flat roofs rather than traditional pitched roofs, such as those on residential dwellings. Considering the size of commercial buildings and the assets they contain, it's extremely important to make sure they are regularly maintained to prevent leaks or collapse. One of these maintenance chores is commercial roof coating. Here is what you need to know. Why Should Flat Roofs Be Coated? Flat roofs aren't technically completely flat; they do have a minute slope, but water can still pool, and the large expanse is typically completely exposed to the sun and elements.

Have Upcoming Roof Replacement? Tips For Preparing Your Family

The job of replacing your roof can take a couple days and can be very disruptive for your household. Your routines will be changed up with pets and kids during this time, which is why it helps to know some tips to deal with it. Keep The Kids Far Away Chances are that your kids will be very curious about the work that is going on with your roof. You'll want to tell the kids that the roofers will need space to work, and that your kids are not allowed to go outside while the job is being performed.

4 Tips to Help with Cleaning Vent Pipes and Chimney Stacks to Prepare for Cold Weather

Soon the cold weather will be here, so you want to prepare for heating needs. If you use a fireplace you are going to need to have the chimney swept to prevent fire hazards. In addition, other modern vent stacks need to be cleaned by professional chimney sweep services to ensure you are ready for cold weather. Here are some tips to help with cleaning vent pipes and chimney stacks before the cold weather arrives:

Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Moss Off Your Home's Shingled Roof

If you have moss growing on the north side of your home's roof, you may decide to try to kill it using a mixture of bleach and water. However, before you start spraying, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes while cleaning the moss off of your shingled roof. Forgetting to Cover Plants Nearest Your House If you have any treasured bushes, trees, or flowers growing next to your house, don't make the mistake of leaving them uncovered while you are spraying the bleach water.

Extending The Life Of Your Roof With A Good Cleaning

If you look at the roof of your home and see dirt or other material on the roof, it is time to call in a roof cleaning service like A-1 Roofing Inc. Not only will cleaning the roof make your home look better, but it can also help extend the life of your roof. Why Should I Clean My Roof? Over time, organic materials can settle on your roof. The roof can lose its color and can start to look dirty, even from the ground.