Using A Built-Up Roofing System To Improve The Longevity Of Commercial Roofing And Efficiency

Today, there are a lot of options for commercial roofing systems that can be installed on your business. One of these systems is a built-up roofing system, which will improve the longevity of the roof and the efficiency of your business. The following built-up roofing information will help you with the design of a new roof for your business:

Installing Base Decking of Built-up Roofing

The installation of a built-up roof system needs to start with the installation of the decking. This is a corrugated steel sheathing that will support all the other layers of the roof. To protect the steel materials, it can also have a protective finish coating. The decking can be adjusted to provide a watershed that is important to allow water to drain off the roof.

Rigid Foam Board Insulation Layer

Next, the roof is going to need a layer of rigid insulation boards. This is a special layer that provides two functions to the layer roof design. The first function is to provide insulation to the building beneath it. The second function is to provide a smooth surface for the layers of the built/up roofing that will be installed on top of it.

Impermeable Base for the Multilayer Roof Design

After the foam board layer has been installed, the first layer of impermeable membrane materials can be installed on the roof. This is a base layer that overlaps after each row. It is the layer that provides protection against moisture and leaks. It also helps provide a surface for the final membrane to be glued to the roof with special adhesives. These materials are asphalt felt paper materials, but they can also be other modern synthetic materials. The more modern synthetic materials are designed for the needs of built-up roofing systems.

The Final Layer of Cool Roof Membrane

The final layer of the built-up roofing is a special cool roof membrane. These light-colored roofing materials help reflect heat to make the building more efficient. They are usually a seamless layer that is installed to provide one solid impermeable layer to keep water and moisture out of your business. Wherever there are seams, the cool roof membrane is bonded together with special adhesives.

Installing a new built-up roofing system will improve the longevity of the roof that protects your business. Contact a built-up roof installer and ask about these solutions when your business needs to have a new roof installed.