Roofing Ideas For Solar Energy Harvesting

If you were trying to create a more sustainable business while also being eco-friendly and lowering your energy costs, then you may be looking at solar energy. Solar energy can be harvested in several ways through solar panels. If you have decided to place the solar panels on the roof of your building, then you have several options you can consider. Here are some roofing ideas for solar energy harvesting.

Solar Roofing Shingles

Solar roofing shingles are an increasingly popular option in commercial roofing for business owners who want to harvest and use solar energy. These shingles can replace some or all of the shingles on your business. Most business owners choose to replace current roofing shingles in a particular area that gets sun throughout the day. The solar roofing shingles are then put in place and power the business. Most of the shingles are manufactured with a protective coating to help prevent damage from hail, heavy winds, and even snow.

Solar Roofing Panels

Solar roofing panels are the most common type of solar energy harvesting devices. These panels are placed above the current roofing shingles. They are held in place by brackets or other similar devices. Your roofing contractor can place them directly over the current shingles without damaging the current shingles or removing current shingles. These panels are placed in strategic areas along the roof in order to capture the most sun possible even during winter months.

Solar Sheets

Solar seats are new to some business owners. Solar sheets give the same solar power harvesting that typical tiles do. The difference is that instead of using individual tiles or laying individual shingles, you are laying a sheet of solar stripping. This is a thinner layer that can be placed over current shingles or that can be placed as the current shingles. These do require a roofing contractor that has experience in solar sheet laying or solar panel layering.

These are just a few of the solar energy harvesting options you have for your business. If you are set on having the solar panels placed on your roof, call your roofing contractor. They can perform a consultation and discuss which solar energy harvesting options may be ideal for your current business and your current location. They can also answer questions regarding fees, construction questions, and they can also answer other related questions that you may have about the process.