Do You Own An Income Property? What You Need To Know About Apartment Roofing

What do you need to know about apartment roofing maintenance? A well-maintained roof can save you money, time, and headaches over the course of the rental's lifetime. If you're a property manager or property owner, take a look at the ways to make the most of residential roofing.

Remove Debris

Leftover leaves, moss, mud, and other debris can promote mold and mildew growth or cause other damage to a residential roof. Remove debris regularly or as needed (such as after a severe storm or a windy day).

If you can't safely get to the roof, or have a steeply sloped roof, contact an expert for help. A roofing contractor can remove debris and inspect the area for signs of potential damage.

Maintain Flashing

The roof itself isn't the only part of this home system that requires maintenance. The flashing protects vulnerable areas and covers seams. Look for flashing at joints or wear the roofing material meets the chimney. This roofing system component is typically made from galvanized sheet metal, aluminum, or copper.

Old, worn, or damaged flashing can allow water in. While a small crack or break in the flashing may not seem like true damage, it can still cause a major moisture problem. A roofer can inspect the flashing, make repairs, or replace the area as needed. This helps to reduce the risks of wood rot (in the underlying layer) or damage to the apartment's interior.

Make Repairs

Like minor flashing damage, missing or broken shingles may not seem like a roofing emergency. But any noticeable damage puts your property at risk. Call a roofing professional as soon as you notice damage. Even though repairs add to your building budget, untreated damage may result in the need for a full roof replacement down the road.

Communicate with Renters

Are you at the renal daily? If not, you need to rely on your renters for information on the state of the roof. Make sure your renters know they should contact you if they notice roof damage or an unexplained leak. The sooner the renter alerts you of a problem, the better. A leaky roof can result in serious damage to interior plaster, flooring, or the renter's belongings.

Extend the lifespan of your rental with proper apartment roofing maintenance. From debris removal to professional repairs, a well-maintained roof will pay for itself over time. This allows you to make the most out of your rental, boost profits, and keep your customers (renters) comfortable. Contact a company that offers residential roofing services in order to learn more.