Replacing Your Roof With Cedar Shakes? 4 Questions You May Have

Have you been unsure about replacing your aging roof with cedar shakes? If so, you may have the following questions about this specific type of roofing material before you make a final decision.

Why Do Cedar Shakes Not Rot Easily?

There is a good reason that wood roofing is made out of cedar, rather than other types of wood. It's due to cedar's natural ability to resist rot. Cedar is capable of withstanding exposure to all types of weather conditions without growing mold, such as snow, sleet, and rain. That said, the material is not completely impervious to damage since neglect can lead to the material deteriorating prematurely. You'll need to remove debris that has fallen on the roof, such as leaves or tree branches since they can trap moisture underneath the debris. You can also install a metal roof cap to help prevent mold formation by exposing the shingles to trace amounts of zinc every time it rains.

Are Cedar Shakes Prone To Pest Damage?

One type of wood that termites are not attracted to is cedar, which is due to the natural oils in the wood that actually repels this pest. It's possible that termites will feast on cedar that's deteriorating, sin it could have low levels of oil in the wood that make it more possible for it to digest. However, those new cedar shakes will have a natural termite repellent baked right into the material itself.

Will Cedar Shake Require Special Maintenance?

Many homeowners love cedar roofing because it looks beautiful and doesn't require much maintenance over the years. There is even a misconception that the wood needs a special coating, just like a wood fence needs a seal coat to protect it from water. This isn't true since those natural oils in the wood will do a great job at repelling water all on their own. It's entirely possible that you'll damage cedar shakes by trying to coat them with a protective material.

What Is The Lifespan Of Cedar Shakes?

Cedar Shakes will last much longer than asphalt shingles, reaching a lifespan of 30 to 40 years before they eventually need replacement. They are not going to last forever, but it will be quite some time before they are ready for replacement.

For more information about installing cedar shake roofing material for your home, reach out to a local roof replacement contractor for questions and installation assistance.