Benefits Of Choosing Reflective Coatings For Your Commercial Roofing Needs

Most commercial buildings have flat roofs rather than traditional pitched roofs, such as those on residential dwellings. Considering the size of commercial buildings and the assets they contain, it's extremely important to make sure they are regularly maintained to prevent leaks or collapse. One of these maintenance chores is commercial roof coating. Here is what you need to know.

Why Should Flat Roofs Be Coated?

Flat roofs aren't technically completely flat; they do have a minute slope, but water can still pool, and the large expanse is typically completely exposed to the sun and elements. Coating it can reduce this damage. One of the best coating options for the owner of a commercial building is a reflective roof coating.

What Is Reflective Roof Coating?

Rather than using traditional coatings to protect a flat roof, a reflective roof coating is generally an aluminum-based paint that dries white. Most flat roofs don't require a primer, and the coating are fast-drying, so application is quick and easy.

What Are The Advantages Of Reflective Roof Coating?

Reflective Roof Coating Will Save You Money

Reflective roof coating does a superb job at reducing your energy bills. A dark-colored roof is going to absorb the solar energy of the sun all day long. The white color of reflective flat roof coating reflects the sun's rays rather than absorbing them. This can tremendously reduce your cooling needs and expenses, which can be substantial in large commercial buildings. Your community as well as your customers will appreciate your efforts to operate a green business and reduce your carbon footprint.

Reflective Roof Coating Will Protect Your Roof

An uncoated roof doesn't have a very long life. It has no protection from the damage the sun subjects it to. It also doesn't have as much protection against other weather concerns, such as hail or heavy snow loads. When you add a reflective roof coating, you are adding another layer of protection as well as sealing the roof, which will reduce water from getting in and weakening the structure or leaking into your building. Reflective roof coating also discourages mold and fungi from growing.

Reflective Roof Coating May Qualify You For Tax Rebates

Depending on the roofing products you use and how much you reduce your carbon footprint, some municipalities are willing to provide a rebate or a reduction in your taxes. In addition to the money you will be saving on your cooling costs, this could add more money to your bottom line.

To learn more, contact a company that offers commercial roof coating services in your area.