4 Tips to Help with Cleaning Vent Pipes and Chimney Stacks to Prepare for Cold Weather

Soon the cold weather will be here, so you want to prepare for heating needs. If you use a fireplace you are going to need to have the chimney swept to prevent fire hazards. In addition, other modern vent stacks need to be cleaned by professional chimney sweep services to ensure you are ready for cold weather. Here are some tips to help with cleaning vent pipes and chimney stacks before the cold weather arrives:

1. Inspect Chimneys and Vent Stacks for Leaks That Cause Damage

There are a lot of problems that can develop around vent stacks. Before winter arrives, you want to make sure that you inspect all the vent stacks on your roof, which should include vents for HVAC systems as well as any vent pipes for plumbing and drainage. Inspect the vent pipes for damage and wear that needs to be repaired before the winter months arrive.

2. Replace Damaged Vent Boots That Could Cause Problems

Modern mechanical vents on roofs have boots around them. These boots are synthetic plastic-like materials that help prevent leaks. Over time the boots on the roof can wear out and begin to leak. These boots need to be replaced when you have the shingles replaced or earlier if they are severely worn or damaged.

3. Replace Flashing and Make Chimney Improvements to Stop Leaks

Chimneys use flashing to seal the areas around their structure and prevent leaks in your home. Older flashing materials made of asphalt or thin metal materials can deteriorate and begin to leak. If you have old flashing that is worn, it will need to be replaced. There may also need to be upgrades done to your chimney to prevent problems with wear and leaks where water puddles against the chimney.

4. Reduce Winter Fire Hazards by Having Your Chimney Cleaned

Dirty chimneys that are full of soot can be a dangerous combination during the winter months when you start the first fire. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have chimneys cleaned by a professional chimney cleaning service. You also want to have other vent pipes for heating systems cleaned before the cold winter months arrive.

If you want to be ready for the cold weather, you will want to have vents and chimneys cleaned. Contact a professional chimney service like Chimneys Unlimited for help with inspecting for leaks and cleaning before winter to ensure you are ready for the next cold front.