Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Moss Off Your Home's Shingled Roof

If you have moss growing on the north side of your home's roof, you may decide to try to kill it using a mixture of bleach and water. However, before you start spraying, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes while cleaning the moss off of your shingled roof.

Forgetting to Cover Plants Nearest Your House

If you have any treasured bushes, trees, or flowers growing next to your house, don't make the mistake of leaving them uncovered while you are spraying the bleach water. At the very least, the bleach will cause discoloration of the leaves. At the worst, the bleach could kill the plants.

Cover anything you want to protect with clear plastic. If you don't have any rolls of plastic laying around, however, you can double-layer black trash bags over the plants to keep the bleach off of them.

Using a Power Washer 

When removing the moss growing on your roof, you may believe that using a power washer would make the process go quicker. Because of the high water pressure, the washer would not only apply the bleach but also remove some of the excess moss.

However, while the power washer would remove the moss, it would probably take a few of your shingles with it. At the very least, the high pressure could crack the shingles, requiring that they be replaced.

Instead of using a power washer, use a sprayer attachment for your garden hose. When using the sprayer, set the stream to mist while applying the bleach. Then, use medium-strength pressure when rinsing off the roof.

Rinsing the Roof Too Soon after Applying the Bleach

Another mistake you want to avoid while cleaning moss off of your roof is rinsing the roof too soon after applying the bleach. You need to give the bleach time to be absorbed by the moss so that the growth is killed at the roots.

After covering all of the moss with the bleach, let it sit for about an hour or longer. If possible, let it sit during the hottest part of the day to facilitate absorption of the bleach by the moss.

By not making the above mistakes, you can increase your chances of getting rid of the moss on your roof without causing more damage to the shingles and surrounding area. If you find that the moss has caused significant damage to your shingles, have them inspected by a roofing repair service, like Sanchez Roofing And Construction, so they can discuss with you what needs to be done to fix your roof.