Extending The Life Of Your Roof With A Good Cleaning

If you look at the roof of your home and see dirt or other material on the roof, it is time to call in a roof cleaning service like A-1 Roofing Inc. Not only will cleaning the roof make your home look better, but it can also help extend the life of your roof.

Why Should I Clean My Roof?

Over time, organic materials can settle on your roof. The roof can lose its color and can start to look dirty, even from the ground. Along with dirt, mold, mildew, and algae can start to grow on the top, edges, and in the seams of the singles. If you do not deal with it, the algae and mold will start to deteriorate the shingles and then work its way to the roof decking underneath the singles. Once it takes hold in the wood, rot will start to set in, and eventually, the roof and the decking will have to be replaced. Cleaning the roof can slow that down and extend the life of your roof. 

Should I Try To Clean My Roof?

If your roof needs cleaning, your best option is to hire a company that can come in and takes care of the job for you. There are some chemicals involved in the process and equipment that is needed to do the job right. Spraying water and chemicals on the roof can create a slippery and extremely dangerous situation, so if you do not have the right equipment, it is better to let someone with the right tools and the experience do the work for you. There are many roof cleaning services around, so finding one in your area should not be too hard, and if you are not sure if your roof needs to be cleaned, have them inspect it before any work begins. 

Are The Chemicals Used Safe?

Most of the time, roof cleaning services use a cleaning solution that includes water, cleaning agents, and a percentage of chlorine bleach (though it may be listed under a chemical name). The bleach is the most effective agent for killing the algae that is growing on the shingles. Cleaning the roof is not just pressure washing it. The chemicals should not be put on in such a large amount that they run off the roof. In fact, the solution is more effective if it is allowed to penetrate that algae and mold. While the chemicals used can be harsh, a professional cleaning service will catch anything that can cause a problem and deal with the chemicals in a way that keeps you and your family safe. Consulting with the company you are using about what they use is best since some companies have proprietary solutions that they have developed.