Getting New Vinyl Siding? Know These Maintenance Tips

As a homeowner, you want your home to look as good as it possibly can. If you are getting new vinyl siding put on, it will help to know how to maintain the siding over the years, so it looks its best.

Use A Pressure Washer

One way to keep all that dirt, grime, and grease off the new vinyl siding is to use a pressure washer on it throughout the year. This will need to be done more often if your home is located on a very busy street since vehicles that pass by can cause dirt to kick up into the air and end up on the vinyl siding.

It is a good idea to invest in a pressure washer, but you can also rent one from a local home improvement superstore as well. They'll provide all the tools you need to get the siding clean, and you don't have to deal with the big expense of buying a pressure washer.

Replace Sections of Damaged Siding ASAP

You may notice damaged sections of vinyl siding over time, which can happen due to bad weather that causes impact damage. If you see a damaged piece of siding, you may be tempted to ignore it since the section is already broken. However, damaged siding runs the risk of causing surrounding pieces to become damaged.

For instance, if wind gets under a section of siding and rips it off your home, it can cause surrounding pieces to be ripped off as well. If water gets into a crack and ends up behind the siding, mold can form in places you cannot see it. This will result in not only having to replace more sections of siding but also will make repairs to the structure of your home as well.

Place Plants Away From Your Siding

When creating the landscaping around your home, you will want to put a gap between your home and the plants that border it. The problem with plants is that they can touch the siding, which will lead to stains, scratches, and cracks. Fixing this problem is as simple as planting things a couple of feet away from your home. The plants will have more room for when they get bigger, and the placement will look just fine when viewing your home from the street.

Looking for more tips on how to care for new vinyl siding? Speak about it with the vinyl siding contractor at the time of the installation.