3 Roof Safety Tips For Inspecting Damage After Storms Have Past

When a storm causes damage to your home, you are going to want to inspect some of the problems. Inspecting your roof will help to find some of these problems before they become serious issues and costly repairs. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe when inspecting storm damage on the roof of your home.

1. Wearing the Appropriate Clothing and Safety Gears on Roofs

One of the first things to consider before inspecting storm damage is the type of clothing that you wear when doing maintenance on your roof. It is important to wear long sleeve clothing, which jeans are essential to protect from exposure to fiberglass materials. In addition, you will want to make sure that you wear soft-soled shoes, which help grip roofing materials better and reduce fall risks when doing any type of maintenance on the roof of your home.

2. Proper Use of Ladders for Getting on the Roof to Inspect Storm Damage

One of the most common causes of injuries that homeowners suffer is due to the improper use of ladders. To ensure you do not fall from a ladder and become injured, you want to make sure that you use ladders correctly when inspecting damage on your roof. The first thing that you want to know is that you should never use step ladders to get on your roof to do repairs. Instead, use an extension ladder to access your roof, which should be extended above the edge of the roof by a couple of rungs and leaned out at the base of the ladder slightly. It is also a good idea to read the safety labels of ladders before using them to do repairs around your home.

3. Use of Scaffolding and Fall Protection Systems for Safety Working on Roofs

The are many different types of fall protection systems that you may use to do work on your roof. There are scaffolding systems that can be attached to the roof to do repairs. If you use scaffolding systems to get on your roof to do repairs, you are going to also want to make sure that you use fall protection harnesses, which should be the type that is specially designed for work on roofs,

These are some tips that will help you stay safe when inspecting damage to the roof of your home. If you need help with some of these repairs and improvements, contact a roofing contractor for help with these repairs and improvements. For more information, contact a company like A&W Custom Carpentry and Roofing.