Essential Info About Using Foam Roofing Material

Is your business in need of a new roof? This is the opportunity to ditch that old roofing material and upgrade to something better. If you're unfamiliar with foam roofing, know that it's made with polyurethane, which is the mixture of both polyol and isocyanate. These elements are heated in their separate containers, and then combined in a specific ratio with a spray gun before it is applied directly to a roof. It is a great choice for a roof due to the following reasons.

No Seams

The great thing about using a foam roof is that it is seamless. Sine the technique used to apply the foam initially goes on the roof in a liquid form, it creates a continuous piece of roofing material. The liquid will fill in all the places of a roof that would require separate pieces of other roofing material. For instance, all the places around ventilation pipes and chimneys that typically require flashing with asphalt shingles.

Light Weight

The polyurethane material doesn't weigh very much when it is applied to a roof. When compared to other materials, you'll find that it's incredibly light. This is important to keep in mind if you live in a region that gets snow, since foam won't add to the roofs weight when you have the additional weight of snow to deal with. It helps keep your building safe due to not having this concern.

Great Insulation

Using foam roofing will cause your building to have great insulation. You'll find that it will improve energy efficiency, since heat won't be able to escape during those winter months. In the summer, foam roofing helps keep cold air inside and stops warp air from getting in.

Minimal Maintenance

Many business owners like foam roofing because it doesn't require much maintenance over the years, all while remaining very durable. If there is damage caused by falling debris, it is easy to spray an additional layer of foam across the section that has been damaged.

Waterproof Surface

Foam creates a solid layer that will not allow moisture to penetrate it. It helps protect the roof deck and the structure of your roof much better than other materials out there.

Still not convinced about the benefits of foam roofing? Contact a local roofing business such as Durafoam Roofing LLC for more info. They can walk you through the benefits of this material, and give you an estimate for a professional installation.