Three Answers To Common Homeowner Roofing Questions And Concerns

Due to the extreme importance of your home's roof, you will want to take the time to become as informed as you possibly can about this part of your house. This may require you to review some answers to commonly asked roofing questions so that you can have more of the information that is needed for this type of maintenance.

Does Your Roof Have To Be Covered In Shingles?

The shingles on your home's roof may be one of the more noticeable features of your property. Unfortunately, homeowners often assume that these shingle are strictly for aesthetic purposes. Yet, hey actually provide important and practical benefits to the roof. For example, the shingles will help to stop the roof from coming into direct contact with water, and they can prevent insects, birds and squirrels from causing damage to the roof supports. Due to these reasons, you should treat missing shingles as a serious problem that requires prompt attention.

How Does A Roof Impact Your Building's Energy Efficiency?

The energy efficiency of your home will be a key concern for both the comfort of those living in the structure and the costs of heat and cooling the building. The roof is one of the major factors in a home's overall energy efficiency. This is due to its large size and its exposure to the sun's intense energy and heat. Adding insulation to the attic can help to improve the energy efficiency of the entire home by limiting drafts and minimizing the amount of heat the can radiate into the home's interior. You can further improve the energy efficiency of the structure by coating the roof with a reflective coating or white paint as this will reduce the amount of energy absorbed by the sun.

Should You Use A Power Washer To Clean Your Roof?

Removing dirt and debris from the roof is a vital form of maintenance. A power washer may seem as though it will be the ideal choice for this task, but it can easily cause extensive damage to the roof. This is due to the forceful jets of water loosening the shingles. If you hire a roofing contractor to clean your roof, they will be able to use a specially designed pressure washer that is powerful enough to remove most of the larger pieces of debris and dirt without damaging the shingles. After this step is done, these professionals may manually clean the remaining materials off the roof with brushes and roof rakes.

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