Tips To Help Get Your Commercial Roof Ready For Spring

April showers bring May flowers. But unfortunately for many commercial building owners, these showers can also cause leaks in their roof. Winter can be rough on your commercial roofing and then the rain that immediately proceeds can seep into the areas damaged from ice, snow and other winter elements, causing the leaks you may experience. After the ice thaws from your roof, you want to begin to think about getting your commercial roof ready to withstand spring weather. Here are a few tips to help you get your commercial roof ready for spring. 

Inspect Your Drainage System

After ice and snow clears from your roof, you will want to inspect the drainage system on your roof. Residential homes have gutters that help to guide water away from the building. Commercial roofs have a drainage system rather than gutters. There are small holes in your roof that have basins below the holes. These basins all lead to downspouts, where water is guided away from your building. Just like a with gutter, the basins can fill with debris and dirt. They need to be cleaned and inspected to ensure they function properly and can carry water away from your roof. 

Complete a Roof Inspection 

The next step in preparing your roof for the spring months is to complete a through roof inspection. Commercial roofs are made from different materials than residential roofs. Many of these materials, including rubber and vinyl membranes, can snap or crack when exposed to cold temperatures for long periods of time. The roof should be inspected for signs of cracks. If cracks are spotted, the roof may need to be sealed to prevent water from seeping into these cracks. 

Thoroughly Clean the Roof

The last tip to help get your commercial roof ready for spring is to thoroughly clean the roof. If the right debris is sitting on your roof, mildew can begin to form when it rains. Mildew can cause your roofing material to crack and weighs your roof down, which can cause structural damage. Cleaning the roof helps to minimize the chances of mildew, moss, algae or other plant-life from forming on and damaging your commercial roof. 

Inspecting your commercial roof's drainage system, completing a roof inspection and thoroughly cleaning the roof are three of the best ways to get your roof ready for spring after a long and cold winter. If you do not feel comfortable completing any of these tasks yourself, a commercial roofing company can perform all of the tasks for you. Call today to schedule your appointment to ensure your roof is ready to withstand spring showers.