Choosing The Best Roofing Material For You: Options To Consider

When you are looking at removing your roof and replacing it with something new and different, you may be unsure of what materials and options are available to you as you begin your project. There are many different options available to you when it comes to your roof. The key is to get to know some of these options as well as their benefits and drawbacks. Then, you can be sure you install the right roof for your home. 

Wood Shingles

If you are interested in giving your home an old-fashioned design aesthetic as well as a rustic appeal, then you may want to consider installing wood shingles. Wood shingles are one of the most natural roofing options and they are also quite durable and tough under a variety of weather conditions. In fact, they can be just as durable as the more commonly used asphalt shingles. 

Another major benefit of wood shingles over other options is just how versatile they can be. Several different species of wood can be used for wood shingles including cedar, redwood, and some varieties of oak, around many others. Each of these types of wood have different characteristics in terms of color and appearance. 

Wood shingles, while versatile and durable, do have their drawbacks. Such shingles need a great deal of maintenance to avoid insect infestations, mold, and rot as they are vulnerable to all three. This means that you need to regularly inspect your shingles as well as treat them with sealants to prevent problems. 

Ceramic Tiles

While wood shingles has a traditional and rustic appeal, ceramic tiles have a warm and unique appeal. Ceramic tiles can give your home a Mediterranean look and feel and are often used in more modern homes or stone homes. One of the biggest benefits of ceramic tiles is that they are resistant to most types of damage that can occur to a roof. They are fire-resistant as well as resistant to impact damage, mold, and insect infestations. 

Ceramic tiles are also good in a variety of weather conditions but are especially well-adapted to hot weather. They are often the roofing material of choice for homes in desert and tropical areas as they absorb a great deal of heat without transferring it into the house. 

One of the challenges of installing ceramic tiles rather than shingles is that they do tend to be a bit more time-consuming to install than other options. This is because each tile must be placed individually and the substructure of the roof sometimes needs to be reinforced due to the weight of the tile roof. 

Knowing these roofing options, you can better determine what material is the best roof replacement option for you and your home.