Tips To Keep Your Roof Safe From Winter Damage

When homeowners fail to respect the stress and strain the winter months can put on their roofs, they may find themselves needing to pay expensive repair bills. In order to help you better appreciate the risks that the winter can pose to your roof, there are several key points that you must keep in mind as you prepare for the arrival of cold weather and care for your roof during these months.

Have The Roof Inspected After Blizzards Or Other Serious Snowstorms

After periods of heavy snow and wind, you should hire a roofing contractor to perform a thorough inspection of your roof. The weight from the snow can structurally weaken the roof, which could lead to cracking and partial or total collapses. Furthermore, the wind from intense winter storms can remove shingles or tiles from your roof, and this can partially leave it exposed.

Break Up Ice Dams And Repair The Cause

It can be possible for large ice dams to form near the edge of your roof. These form due to the snow and ice partially melting, and they can be extremely damaging to the roof for a number of reasons including trapping water against the roof. This will make it important for you to break up these dams soon after they form so that water from the melting ice will be able to drain off the roof. A roof rake will be an extremely effective tool for this task, but you will want to be careful if you use a ladder as the roof could be very slippery.

Prepare The Gutter System For The Winter Weather

The gutters will play a critical role in protecting the roof against winter weather. There may regularly be ice and snow accumulations on the roof that will need to melt. Without a working gutter system, this water will be unable to drain away. Unfortunately, it can be common for gutter systems to become clogged in the fall due to trees losing their leaves. You may want to either clean your gutters or hire a professional to do this work so that any water on the roof will be able to effectively drain away from the roof.

Cover Skylights During Snow And Ice Storms

If your home has skylights in it, you should cover them during periods of heavy snow or ice. These windows can be prone to developing leaks due to the prolonged exposure to the moisture from snow and ice. By covering these lights, you can minimize the risk of a damaging leak forming during the next heavy snowfall.

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