4 Times When You Need A Professional Roofer

For most homeowners, the extent of taking care of their roof is making sure that they clean out the gutters when they see that they are getting full of leaves and twigs. If you happen to be one of these types of homeowners then you want to know the signs of roofing trouble so you recognize when you want to get a roofer out right away. Putting off certain roofing problems can lead to serious issues that can cause even more damage to the roof, as well as problems with other parts of the house. Here are some signs that you should be making a call to a professional roofer:

1. You know your roof is very old 

If you are ready to admit that your roof is old and rainy season is quickly approaching, then it's better to be safe than sorry. You should have a roofer come out and take a look at the roof. You may get lucky and find that your roof still has some life left in it, or the roofer may catch some serious issues in time to thwart bad problems.

2. Your shingles are beginning to curl at the ends

If you haven't given much thought to the age of your roof, then you may find yourself coming face to face with its age in the form of curling shingles. As a roof gets older it may start to show certain signs of aging problems and curling shingles is one of them. A roofer should come look at the entire roof so you know just how serious the situation is and the maximum amount of time you have before you really need to think about roof replacement.

3. You spot a dark area on the ceiling

If you are walking through an area of your home and you look up to see a dark area on the ceiling then this is not a good sign. There aren't many ways for a ceiling to get dark other than it being a stain from a leaky roof. A roofer should come out soon because you don't know how large that leak is and they can also grow larger quickly.

4. Your roof develops one or more ice dams

When winter time comes you want to make sure no parts of the roof develop ice dams. These can destroy your roof and they are also a safety hazard because they can fall and hurt someone standing under them. A roofer from companies like Absolute Roofing can come out and take care of the problem so your roof is no longer prone to getting the dams anymore.