Repair Or Replace: 3 Things To Look For On Your Roof

Did you recently purchase a house? Have you just now discovered that the roof is starting to leak? A leaky roof in a newly purchased home can be a disappointment. This is especially true if the leak developed either after signing the closing documents or on a home purchased as-is, making it impossible to get any compensation from the seller. When you talk to different roofing companies in the area, they may start out by suggesting that you should completely replace your roof, something you may not have the money for right now after the expense of moving. Fortunately, complete replacement isn't always necessary. Repairing the area around the leak may be possible instead. Some signs that you can postpone a replacement and have repairs performed instead include:

Obvious water entry point: With some leaks, it can be very difficult to tell exactly where the water is getting in. This is usually because the roof actually has multiple failure points. For a generalized leak like this, your roofer may have to tear up half the shingles just to patch the leak, at which point you might as well replace the whole thing. But if your leak is the result of something like a falling tree limb damaging your roof or the flashing pulling away from your chimney then roof repairs to that area are definitely possible. 

Gutter condition: If you've never owned a house before, you may not know that the status of your gutters can have a huge impact on whether or not your roof leaks. Gutters that are clogged with leaves or other debris can cause rainwater to back up onto your roof, underneath your shingles. If your gutters aren't functioning properly, you may only need to have them fixed and have roof repairs performed around the perimeter of your roof for your roof to be sound once again.

Roof appearance: Although you can't tell everything just by looking at your roof, you can still sometimes get a good feel as to whether or not the entire roof needs to be replaced. For instance, if the shingles are starting to curl or a substantial portion of the granules on the shingles have washed away, then a complete replacement is almost certainly necessary. On the other hand, if your shingles are all lying flat and everything seems to be fine aside from a shingle that has been torn down by the wind, then simple roof repairs should be possible.

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