Why Would It Be Worth It To Pay More For A Tile Roof?

When shopping for a new roof, it's completely understandable that you would set a budget and try to find the best deal. Usually, shingle roofs are the least expensive option. Tile roofs are considerably more costly. There's nothing inherently wrong with shingle roofs, and these days, most shingles are pretty high quality. However, in many cases, it may actually be worth your while to pay a bit more for a tile roof. Here's why.

Tile roofs won't blow off your home.

All it takes is one big gust of wind, and countless shingles can be blown off your home. This is especially likely after the shingles are a few years old and have started to break down. Tile, however, is quite heavy. The wind won't just pick it up and blow it off, even after it has been on the roof for many decades. This means fewer repairs and less hassle on your end after a wind storm.

Tile is a good insulator.

Tile is thicker than asphalt, and this alone makes it a great insulator. When sun shines down on a tile roof, less heat passes through to your attic than with a shingle roof. This leads to lower air conditioning costs throughout the summer. You can maximize your energy efficiency by choosing a light-colored tile.

You can make patterns with the tile.

Usually when you cover a roof with shingles, you choose one shingle color and use it for the whole roof. Though this looks good on many homes, it is restrictive. With roofing tiles, you can get a bit more creative. Create a pattern by using several different colors of tiles. Do your border in one color and the middle in a slightly darker shade, or accentuate areas like your roof's side gable with a boldly contrasting color.

Roofing tiles last longer.

Though you pay more for a tile roof, you're really paying for the equivalent of four or five shingle roofs. Shingle roofs only last 20, maybe 30 years, whereas it's easy to find tiles with a life expectancy of 100 years. If you put a tile roof on your home, you'll never have to replace it again, though you may need to have a few tiles replaced every now and then if they crack.

To learn more about tile roofs and their benefits, talk to a roofing contractor at a company like Darnell Construction in your area. They can help you compare this option to standard roofing shingles.