4 Tips for Cleaning the Roof

Cleaning the roof of your home is an extremely important task because it ensures proper water flow and prevents the breakdown of roofing materials. On top of this, it ensures that there is less chance that moisture is retained on the roof, which can cause mildew and mold growth. These issues are especially damaging to not only the roof but also to the interior of your home if they are not taken care of quickly. Here are four tips to help you clean the roof of your home properly:

  1. Check for Damage: Before you actually get started on cleaning your roof, you are going to want to check for damage. This will ensure that your roof is actually safe to clean. Walking on a damaged roof will cause more problems as well. Check for missing shingles, loose flashing, and any seams that don't belong before walking all over the roof. 
  2. Sweep off Debris: The first part of the cleanup process is to remove the loose debris completely by sweeping it off. This way, the debris cannot become stuck on the roof, trapping in moisture and causing other structural problems. From this point, it will also be easier to determine if further cleanup is needed and if there is any possible mold damage that needs to be remediated. 
  3. Rinse the Roof: In order to remove debris that has become embedded on the surface of the roof, you are going to want to rinse the roof off. This should remove clumped dirt and other stuck debris. Just be sure that the water is moving from the roof to the gutters and away from your home. When you do this, it's also helpful to determine whether or not there are problems with the drainage system of your roof that you will need to fix. 
  4. Hire Professionals: The best way to ensure you have a thoroughly cleaned roof is to hire professionals to clean it for you. This is especially important if you do not feel safe going onto the roof yourself or if your roof has not been cleaned in years. At this point, there is probably a lot more work that needs to go into the cleaning of your roof that professionals can do for you. 

When you consider these four tips, you can be sure that your roof is cleaned properly, which is important for maintaining the roof and keeping it aesthetically pleasing.