Recently Had a Big Storm? How to Tell Genuine Roofing Contractors from Scammers

When your area has recently been ravaged by a major storm, whether it is an ice storm, hail storm, a tornado, or any other major weather event, you may find yourself dealing with substantial damage to your roof. Because of this roof damage, you are likely hoping to find a roofing contractor that can perform any needed roof repairs or help you replace your roof quickly and effectively. The problem is that major storm events can bring out the scammers in droves, making it difficult to be able to determine whether or not a roofing contractor is the real deal or a scammer. Get to know some of the ways that you can tell the difference so that you find a great roofing contractor for your repairs.

Be Wary of Roofing Contractors Going Door to Door

Most legitimate roofing contractors are established enough where they do not need to chase clients after a storm by going door to door offering roofing services. In fact, so many people are seeking help with damages to their homes after storms that the majority of contractors are bombarded with calls asking for quotes.

As such, if a person comes to your door offering you roofing services, you should approach the situation with caution. They may be a legitimate contractor and may just be new in the business or the area, but they may also be completely untrained and looking to scam you.

Check with the Better Business Bureau and State Licensing Board

Before you settle on a contractor, be sure that they are a legitimate and well-respected roofing contractor. There are numerous ways that you can go about this process. A quick call to the Better Business Bureau and the state licensing board are among the easiest ways to do just that. You will find out the business rating and whether or not the contractor is legitimately licensed to do business in your area.

Look Out for Out of State Contractors Showing Up After Storms

There is a concept among those in the roofing business known as "storm chasing." In roofing, storm chasers are the so-called contractors who travel from state to state behind a line of storms. They try to get quick jobs with people who have damaged roofs before moving on after the next storm system.

These contractors are often not licensed to do work in the states they travel to or at all and do quick and poor work. By the time the roof they "repaired" is causing problems again, they will be long gone and unreachable.

Talk to Your Friends and Neighbors

At one point or another, every home needs roofing repairs or a roof replacement. In order to find a good, reliable roofing contractor that you know you can trust, you may want to also seek out references from your friends and neighbors. They will be able to tell you which contractors they have hired before and give you detailed reviews of the services rendered so that you can select a contractor from their recommendations.

These tips can help you to find yourself a legitimate roofing contractor after storm damage so that you get the best repair services or roof replacement possible in a timely manner. To learn more, contact companies like Earhart Roofing Company Inc.