5 Signs You Should Replace Your Patio Door

Patio doors often don't get as much attention as front doors. However, if you use your backyard a lot or if your patio door is in a main living area of your home, it likely makes a huge impact on the style of your home. Patio doors can last for decades, but eventually, you may need a new door. Here are five signs you should consider a new patio door.

1. Your Door Is Drafty

If you feel drafts coming in around the edges of your patio door, that is a sign that you may want to replace it. Losing warm air from inside while letting in icy drafts can drive up your heating bill, and conversely, when cool air seeps out and warm air gets in, that increases your air conditioning bill. To remedy the situation, you may want a new door that fits tightly in its frame.

If you are not ready to invest in a new patio door, you can reduce drafts by putting up heavy window treatments. Ideally, the curtains should cover the door itself as well as the entire frame.

2. You've Noticed Physical Damage

Aside from a drafty door, damage can also signify that you need a new patio door. Damage to look for includes cracked glass, bent tracks, and rotting in the wood of the door. In some cases, you can get a simple repair. For example, you can replace the glass panes in most patio doors. However, in other cases such as with rotting wood, you need to replace the whole door.

3. You Want to Improve the Style

Whether your door is damaged or not, you may want to consider a new door if you are tired of the style of your existing door. One of the most popular styles of patio doors is a sliding glass door with a vinyl frame. However, there are countless other options and styles to consider.

For example, a set of French doors can provide a bit of class when leading to an outdoor dining area. Alternatively wood frame doors can complement a traditional interior decorating style, more adequately than white vinyl doors. If your current door clashes with your designs, you may want to talk with a door installer about other options.

4. You're Selling the Home

In other cases, you may be fine with the style of your door, but you may want to change it to help your home sell faster. Addressing issues such as damage or drafts can help to sell home in some cases, as these changes make the home more welcoming for the new owners. Additionally, if your home is in a trendy area, you may need to upgrade the style of your doors to be competitive with other homes on the market in your area.

Your real estate agent can give you an idea of which changes are helpful to make in your area and in your price range. However, research suggests that homes with barn door style doors tend to sell faster than other homes. As a result, you may want to consider a barn door patio door.

5. You Want to Increase Security

Finally, if your patio door isn't secure, you may want to think about replacing it. Patio doors can be a weak spot in home security. If you are worried about someone breaking the glass, you may want to look into new doors with stronger glass or think about adding break resistant film to your existing windows.

Similarly, if the locks don't work on your sliding glass door, you may want to talk with a locksmith about adding new locks, or you may want to consider putting in new doors with stronger frames and better locks to keep your home safer.

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