3 Step Guide For Removing Algae On Your Roof Using Household Products

After inspecting your roof and determining you have algae growing on it, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to get rid of it before it starts to deteriorate your shingles. If so, follow the three steps below to use household products to kill the growth and clean your roof.

Step 1:  Prepare The Area

The first step involves preparing the area around your house. This includes covering any plants or trees next to your home with plastic so that the cleaner does not damage or kill them. While options are given in the next section as to what you can use, any of them could harm your favorite flowers and shrubs.

You also want to have a sturdy ladder set up closest to the section to be treated. If you are using an aluminum ladder, made sure the rubber pads are intact to keep you from slipping while spraying the roof.

When you prepare the area, try to do so in late morning. This will time the treatment and cleaning of the roof to coincide to when the sun is strongest. This not only allows the solution to dry more quickly, but it increases its absorption into the algae to speed up process of killing the growth.

Step 2:  Mix Your Cleaner In A Bottle Sprayer Hose Attachment

Once you have the set up the area, it is time to mix your cleaner in a bottle sprayer hose attachment. You can use one of two options for your choice of solution.

Your first option is using bleach. This cleaner not only kills the algae but also kills any mildew or mold that may also be present on your roof. However, the solution could lighten darker shingles.

If this is a concern, you may want to use white distilled vinegar. The vinegar fries the roots of the algae, killing them over time. However, this solution works slower than bleach, and the treatment may need to be repeated three or four times.

Once you have decided which cleaner you wish to use, pour it full-strength into your sprayer. Then, attach it to your garden hose, and proceed to the next step. 

Step 3:  Spray The Roof With Your Cleaner

After you have your solution prepared, don some waterproof gloves before climbing your ladder. Either bleach or vinegar could irritate your skin. Also, you should wear protective goggles to keep any spray-back from hurting your eyes. You should also wear rubber-soled boots that can grip the rungs of the ladder, helping to keep you from slipping.

Once you have turned on the water spigot, ascend the ladder, and set your sprayer nozzle to a light mist. Slowly move the nozzle back and forth until the algae is completely saturated. You should also make sure to moisten the surrounding roof, since there could be algae forming that you cannot see.

Continue spraying until you have covered the area. If you no longer smell the bleach or vinegar in your stream, you should refill it the sprayer with new solution.

Once you have saturated the roof and algae, let it dry naturally. After a couple of days, rinse the roof with clean water to remove any residue and dead algae.

After completing the above, wait one week, and repeat the steps to make sure you have thoroughly killed the algae and any new growth. If you find that the algae has already deteriorated some of your shingles, you may want to contact a roofing company like 5 Star Roofing to inspect them and recommend the best course of action for making any needed repairs.